The following is information for players who have very little or no experience playing softball.

​​​There are 9 players on the field.   Each defensive position is numbered:
1 - Pitcher

2 - Catcher
3 - First Base

4 - Second Base

​5 - Third Base

6 - Short Stop

7 - Left Field

8 - Center Field

9 - Right Field

There are 7 innings to a modified softball game.

Modified rules - 3 outs per inning or a maximum 5 runs per inning -- the 7th inning is unlimited runs or 3 outs.
Coaches can decide to have a 15-run mercy rule.   Meaning if after 5 complete innings, a team is ahead by 15, the game is over.

3 OUTS PER INNING - Different ways you can get called out (note these are not all of them)
- If you get 3 strikes on you, you are out.

  • Swing and miss - Strike
  • Pitcher pitches a strike and you don't swing - Strike
  • A foul ball is a strike, but if it's on you 3rd strike - you aren't out -- you get strike out on a foul ball.
  • However, If you foul tip it with 2 strikes and the catcher catches it, you are out.

Fly Out - if a fielder catchers your ball in the air - you are out.

Put Out - if you hit the ball on the ground and a fielder throws it to first base before you get there, you are out.

How can you get on base?

Walk - if you get 4 balls called on you while at bat - you get to walk to first base FREE (Balls = bad pitches / not in strike zone).
Hit by Pitch - if the pitcher hits you with the ball, you get to first base FREE - attempt must be made to get out of way.

Hit the ball in fair territory and get to first base without anyone throwing the ball to first before you get there..

When you are at bat, you will hear the umpire shout out numbers...   this is a sample of what they mean

2 and 1 means = 2 balls, 1 strike               1 and 1 means = 1 ball, 1 strike          Full count means = 3 balls / 2 strikes

Dropped 3rd Strike Rule-  2 scenerios for this to be in effect.  This has to do with how the catcher handles the ball when the batter has 2 strikes on her.  When can the runner take off to first base if there is a 3rd strike and the catcher does not field it cleanly.  (dropped 3rd strike)

  • Less than than 2 outs (1 or no outs) and first base not occupied by a runner and if the catcher does not cleanly catch the ball, the batter has the opportunity to run to first base. 
  • If there are 2 outs, it does not matter if there is someone on first base, the dropped third strike is in effect. And if the catcher does not cleanly catch the ball, the batter has the opportunity to run to first base. 
  • Cleanly - meaning it goes from pitcher's hand to catcher's glove. It cannot hit the ground, it cannot be dropped.
  • The batter does not have to swing either -- if the umpire calls a strike and the batter, didn't swing but the catcher drops it, then batter can run.


  • YES, but they have to "tag up" meaning they have to either stay at the base and leave after the outfielder first touches it, OR
  • If they have taken a lead, they have to go back and touch the base after the outfielder has touched the ball.  That's called "tagging up"
  • On our team, unless you know exactly how to do this, we prefer you just hang tight on the base and listen to coaches.


​​Infield Fly - Batter's out

  • Less than than 2 outs (1 or no outs) and first base & 2nd base have a runner on.
  • If a fair -- catchable fly ball is hit to the infield, the umpire will yell "infield fly - batter is out"
  • The runners on the bases DO NOT and should NOT RUN.  (keep it basic)
  • NOT SO BASIC --  Runners can "tag up" if the defense catches it.  /   If she doesn't catch it, runners can run without tagging up.
  • WHY IS THIS A RULE - to prevent a double play --  a defensive player -- like a shortstop -- could purposely drop the ball - toss to 2nd and 2nd could go to 1st.  DOUBLE PLAY.  

Reading Highlight stats...   What does that mean?

2 for 2 at bat.  That means each time the batter got up she got a hit and successfully made it to the base. In order for it to be called "a hit" that means she had to cleanly get to first base without the defense making an error.
A twist...   I may say Kana went 2 for 2 at , but she may say coach, "I got up 5 times."   Believe it or not, if you walk or get hit by a pitch, it is not considered an "at bat". 

RBI - Runs Batted In

  • Meaning when a batter hits the ball and her hits gets a runner in to score.

Double Play

  • When we get two players out. Usually done when the opposing teams runners do not tag up on a fly ball.

Put out

  • When a defensive player successfully makes a play to get a runner out.

Big D no E?  WHAT?

Big D means -- Big defense and no E means no errors.  Whenever someone makes an error in the field, it goes in the book.   Let's say Kana overthrows first base (which would never happen), but let's say she did.  The girl ends up safe at first -- that's an E-6.